Sellers FAQs


What types of accelerated marketing do you offer?

One Day Auctions offers Live Sales with Simultaneous Online Bidding, Exclusive Online Bidding, Sealed Bids and Dual Bids. Each event is tailored to the needs of each seller.


Does it really matter which company I employ to sell my real estate?

Yes…100% yes it does. You need a company with vast experience in real estate and that has the ability to creatively promote your property and sell it for the most money in a pre-determined time period.  One Day Auctions and its affiliated team of real estate agents has represented Banks, Private Sellers, Government Agencies, Corporate Clients, Bankruptcy Trustees, and Estates in events and individual sales from one property to multi-property sales of 20 or more. Our team has sold homes, land, waterfront condos, shopping centers, office buildings, schools, apartments, and industrial properties.


What can a seller do to assist in the sale of the property?

In today’s real estate market, the more information available on a property the higher price a buyer will be willing to pay.  One Day Auctions works with sellers to create an informational package that can include property inspection reports, appraisals, zoning information, environmental data, historical information, and much more.  This removes any uncertainty that the bidders may have about the asset prior to bidding.


Can I set a “minimum” on my property? I don’t want to give it away!

Yes – we encourage every seller to set a “reserve price” for the auction.   We want you to get the highest price in the sale of your property, and the One Day Auctions team will analyze your asset and consult with you on the best reserve to achieve the maximum sale price.  We do not share this confidential reserve figure with prospective bidders.


Do you guys utilize “social media” in your marketing?

Absolutely. At One Day Auctions , we utilize as many marketing channels as we can to promote the sale of your property.  See the bottom of our website for some of the links to our social media platform pages.  Additionally, One Day Auctions will utilize marketing advertising tools like Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+, and other social media platforms to inform prospective bidders about your property being auctioned.


How am I protected if the final bid is below the reserve?

In a reserve sale, the seller has the ability to reject the final bid if the reserve price has not been made.  We will work with you to make a deal happen if the reserve is not met by either negotiating on your behalf with the auction bidders who expressed an interest in the property or listing the property for sale.  Our goal at One Day Auctions is to use the “momentum” from the event to close a deal for you.


What costs are associated with hiring One Day Auctions ?

One Day Auctions does not have a set price for working with sellers, but rather we create a package of services based on the seller’s needs and goals.  The costs the seller pays are worked out prior to the inclusion of a seller’s property in an auction event, so there are no hidden fees or add-out costs.  You will know exactly what it will cost to sell your property with One Day Auctions.  We can also assist with many different services, including property repairs, clean-outs, property management, etc.  Contact us at for a free, no obligation consultation.


Who can benefit from your Accelerated Marketing program?

An auction event has been benefits for a variety of sellers:

  • Attorneys: representing clients that may need to sell in a defined time frame or under a court order.
  • Banks: Bank-owned properties can be very costly to manage if not sold quickly.
  • Developers: wanting to “cash out” and move on to another project.
  • Estates: the heirs may not live in the same state as the property or cannot agree on the pricing.
  • Government Agencies: USDA, FDIC, SBA, US Marshals Service, and local government agencies have all utilized accelerated marketing programs like One Day Auctions to sell real estate.
  • Homeowners: that find their home sitting on the market with no offers.
  • Realtors: representing properties that may not be selling
  • Trustees: who need a “transparent” sale that is fair to all and produces the highest sales price.


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