Foreclosure auction etiquette: 6 ways to win an auction

Auctions are usually fast-paced affairs, here are some expert tips for making a winning bid.

If you interested in buying a property from a foreclosure auction, there are a few things you should be aware of. For example, an important thing to note about foreclosure properties is that when a lenders reclaims one of these properties, a foreclosure auction will be the first and often the only chance you will have to buy the property, so don’t assume that you will be getting a deal simply because it’s a ‘foreclosure’. To make sure that you get the property for the best price, you’ll have to do your homework.

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5 secrets to winning online property auctions

Online auctions are growing in popularity.

Websites like are killing it; making bundles of money selling houses online, while giving investors a whole new world for buying properties.

Its attractiveness will only grow and, more and more, people are looking to cash in on the opportunity.

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Property Auctions: Myths vs. Truth

Because property auctions are not considered a traditional method of selling or buying, misperceptions and myths abound about the auction process. Here are several myths debunked.

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