Our Team

With over 150 years of combined experience in real estate sales and auctioneering, the One Day Auctions team remains true to its commitment to support everyone in growing their business. Our team of highly talented individuals provides a unique set of skills that has allowed us to serve as the perfect partner for real estate buyers and sellers.

Photo of Peter Klein

Peter Klein

Photo of Linda Levine

Linda Levine

Photo of Jay Cuerquis

Jay Cuerquis

Photo of Gracel (“Ace”) Romano

Gracel (“Ace”) Romano

Photo of Marie Glipo

Marie Glipo

Photo of Keith Spaulding

Keith Spaulding

Photo of Chris Norton

Chris Norton

Photo of Josephine Wilson

Josephine Wilson

Photo of Peter Doremus

Peter Doremus

Photo of Karen Abramson

Karen Abramson

Photo of Maria Sanes

Maria Sanes

Photo of Meghan Kemler

Meghan Kemler

Photo of Mike Aldi

Mike Aldi

Photo of Alex Rivera

Alex Rivera